How’s that script going? Is it broken? Are you feeling stuck? Not sure where to go with it? Feeling the need to spice it up? In November, 2014John Sandel will open a new screenwriting class …

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5 students — 6 weeks —7 to 10pm

Focusing on story structure & how the hero determines the tale

Our premise is that a lifetime of consuming stories makes you an expert storyteller. In the Script Kitchen, you’ll learn how much you already know—and use it to make your features, TV shows, webisodes, short stories or books burn on the page.

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John Sandel wrote features for a living, starting in 1996, for clients like the producers of Revenge of the Nerds, Tom & Viv and Arlington Road. Since the writers’ strike of 2007, he’s produced and directed small projects, including his own. John served on the board of We Make Movies as Director of New Business.

We meet in Burbank. The fee is $399, payable in advance.